Pixie Probs

So Yesterday I had a guy asked me “Ugh, why did you cut your hair?” And it was a rhetorical question. He didn’t honestly want to know my reasons behind cutting my hair. What he really meant was “You really shouldn’t have cut your hair.” There are so many things I wish I had said to him.

1) My body doesn’t exist simply for you to objectify. If my appearance doesn’t match your close-minded schema of women, that’s your problem, not mine.

2) It’s my hair on my body. You have absolutely no say in what I do with my body. You are a third party and are most definitely not involved in my decision making process when it comes to what I do with my body.

3) If the way I choose to cut/style/wear my hair turns off close-minded, ignorant people like you then I love my hair even more. If the way you view me has changed based on the dead keratin proteins hanging from my head then you aren’t worth my time. 

Why do I always think of these things after the fact? And why am I too scared to say them out loud? Also, why do statements like this hurt even when I know all of the above to be true?